ANSI Standard Post Type Insulators

Our post type insulators product lineup is among the most complete in today’s market. We offer all ANSI C29.9 TR references from the TR-202 to the TR-391, with many variations in strength, leakage distance, shed configuration, color, and special seismic requirements. 

Key Features

  • Manufactured in state of the art ISO9001 certified, highly automated facilities which results in highly uniform and reliable production.

  • High strength solid-core porcelain body

  • Wet Process porcelain manufacturing system (isostatic process used for some of ultra high strength designs).

  • Designed in compliance to ANSI C29.9 and CSA C156.1 standards (please contact us to certify compliance to other standards).

  • Routine testing as per ANSI C29.9 includes dimensional, alignment, ultrasonic, mechanical strength.

  • Multiple options of shed designs, strength, leakage distance, color, fittings, special seismic requirements.

  • We stock ANSI 70 Gray insulators (most commonly used in the U.S). Chocolate brown insulators available upon request.

  • ASTM A153M galvanized cast iron fittings. Bolt holes are protected against oxidation with special silicone grease and plastic caps. Fittings are cemented to the porcelain using carefully formulated and cured high strength Portland cement and silica sand.

  • 5 Year warranty


All insulators as shown are also available with Semi-Conductive Glazing as an optional feature.


1. Information as provided is only for referential purposes and can be changed without notice. Please contact us if you require detailed information.

2. Please contact us for special insulators not listed here (different color, leakage distance, strength, standard) 

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